How to make Money in the Billiard Business

Invest in your future




It Makes Cents, Sense, Since


Focus on Safety and you should be injury free

Working with others in the Business will provide a solid networking foundation.  This leads to profitable growth for all who work together


US Patent 8312598, 8573608 and D719000

15 websites driving business to you for FREE provided you stay in good standing

Do the OTL-Math

In short, saving one helper a week at $100 per day will make the return on your investment less than 3 months. or on bigger terms easily over $200K in your career if not much more...Some save a helper 80% of the time...

 Long Term savings WILL be substantial.

Many big JOBS though will allow you to make it back in only 1 use, Such as a Snooker or Billiard table

OTLVISE Protects you, the Product and the customer's Home when used properly!

Being in Business a tool can be deducted as an expense which offsets your income.  Therefor saving you roughly $200 of actual price in essence. 

 Made in the USA not someone's Garage or overseas!

Customers want to see their Vendors utilize the proper tool especially in respect to SAFETY!

Purchase Professional tools that will last

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